Thursday, November 14, 2013

Line Design Examples

This room has many examples of curvy lines. Most of the curvy line are decorative, the lines on the wallpaper, Flowers, and decor on the tables. There area also functional curvy lines on the lighting fixture and on the chairs in the corners.  Over all the curvy line give this room a more natural and relaxed feel. 

In this room there are many diagonal line. The line on the  carpet and on the lamps all have diagonal lines.  Diagonal lines will have the appearance of movement to make a vibrant fun room. 

This room has some good examples of horizontal lines. The rug, stairs, and shelves are all horizontal lines. Horizontal lines  make the room feel wider.

This room has a lot of vertical lines that will make the room feel taller. it will also bring your eyes up toward the ceiling .

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