Friday, September 27, 2013

Housing Styles

this is a cape cod because it has a large central chimney, gabled dormers,and shingled facade.
this is a colonial house because its symmetrical, and it has side lights.
this is a ranch/split level house because it has gable decorations, and the windows are level with the ground. 
this is a Queen Anne because it Has many gables and turrets,  large porch and decorative shingles.
This is a Greek Revival style because it has pillars, and a formal portico

This is  tudor house because it has a steep roof, wooden trim, and there's stone by the front door

This is a bungalow house because of the low roof, and natural colors

this is a prairie style because it has wide over hangs and hipped roof.

this is a dutch style because a gambrel roof and that's a big sign of a colonial revival-dutch. 
this is a neo-eclectic house because is has palladian windows and a front gable roof. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Housing Styles Accessories

roofing styles 

HIPPED ROOF: A roof with slopes on all 4 sides.

GABLE ROOF: a triangular section of a wall fromed by the end of a pointed roof.

GAMBREL ROOF: a roof with two slopes on each side, the lower slope having a steeper pitch. often found in colonial revival houses and dutch style.

SALTBOX ROOF:a building with a long, pitched roof that slopes down to the back,

MANSARD ROOF:a roof that has four sloping sides, each of which becomes steeper halfway down.
Housing Characteristics
BAYWINDOW: a set of 2 or more windows that protrude out from the wall.

CASEMENT WINDOW: a window that opens by swinging inward or outward, like a door
CLAPBOARD: also known as siding, long narrow boards overlapped to cover outer walls.
DORMER: the setting for a veritcal window in the roof, often found up stairs.
EAVES:the portion of the roof the projects beyond the
FANLIGHT: a semi-circular or arched window above a door
PEDIMENT: a triangular crown used over doors, windows,or porches.
RAFTERS: a roof beam sloping from the ridge of the wall 
SIDELIGHTS: widows and either side of a door
TURRET: a small tower often on the corner of a building. common in queen anne style. 


PORTICO:large porch usually with a pediment roof supported by classical columns

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

James J. Hill House Field Trip


               At the field trip I went on I saw a variate of different houses that i would never see just driving around Monticello. I thought it was really cool to be able to see the different characteristics and be able to say what kind of house it was. Another highlight was learning about the history of all the houses and who built them, and who lived in them. Something that I thought was interesting was that people still live in those houses on Summit Ave. Some of the most common styles of houses where Victorian and Georgian.  Edward Duffield Neill owned the first house on Summit Avenue.Other People who lived there were William and Angelina Noble, Henry F. Masterson, Henry Mower Rice, Henry Neill Paul, and David Stuart. Below you can see some of my favorite houses i saw on the tour.  After having a tour of Summit ave. We went to international market square. Before it was the international square it was a factory. It was a special sale there so it was busier then normal. We got to see some interior design trends that are really popular right now. One trend that is going around is a very modern kitchen. After the tour and going to international  market square I was pretty tired, we went back home to Monticello. Overall I enjoyed the Field trip a lot and learned about interior and exterior design.

Here you can see the before and after of the international market square building.

 The James J Hill house was built by railroad magnate James J Hill.  It is listed as a U.S. National Historic Landmark  by the Minnesota Historical Society. The architects were James J Hill and Mark Fitxpatrick.

This picture is a Tudor style House. We didn't see many Tudor style houses. You can tell its a Tudor house because of the steep roof. also it was wood trim which suggests half timber which are another  characteristics  of a Tudor house.

We saw quite a few Greek revival style houses. This picture is definitely a Greek revival. You can tell by the pillars and it is also very symmetric. It also has a portico.

This house was not one on the tour but I just really liked the style. It is also a Greek Revival. Again it has  pillars and a portico.

The style we saw the most was Queen Anne, also known as a Victorian style. It has gables, a turret and elaborate decorations which are defiantly signs of a Queen Anne.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Housing Life Cycle

     For my Dorm-living years I feel like I would live in a dorm similar to this one. It would be small, but I would definitely make it cute with colors and decorations. I am planing on going to Moor head State University.  A dorm like this would suit me at the age of 18-20 because I wouldn't be ready to care care of a big house. It would take care of my psychological needs. In specific Belonging, It would make me feel part of the college/dorm community. For physical needs I would have a place to sleep and shelter.

    This house would fit me in my young adult stage because if I am still on college it will be near campus. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. I would probably find some roommates to help out with rent.  Also it will fit me at my young adult stage because I will be close to my sister and nephew and watch him grow. As far as my physiological needs I would have more privacy in the dorm. Aslo i will finally have place to prepare my food.

             For my young adult state I would love this house. I will have been working  and hopefully getting steady pay checks. This house has 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. I also live that I would have a basketball hoop. for my kids to play with. I would have room for kids and for family who comes and visits me. This house is in moor head. but further away from the college to separate my college and family life.  This would fulfill my creativity, I can finally furnish my own house. Also I have shelter, more storage then ever, a place to sleep, and a place to prepare my food.

      In my senior years I would love to settle down somewhere warm. This assisted live facility is in Naples Florida. It would my needs because I would have other elders to talk to and some beautiful scenery! The assisted living home has room for 75 Elders. I would have my own "apartment" with my husband. It would fulfill my psychological need my having a place of love and belonging with other elders in the same position as me. As for physical need I will have safety by having nurses there for me.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Mood Board

    Description: My mood board is made up of some bright colors. I feel like this describes my personality once you get to know me. I’m usually a bright up beat person. I like a room with floral themed things, the picture and the ottoman both show my love for florals. I also really like decoration, either on the wall of little things on the tables I feel like this will make a room great. 

Grand Total: $8,607