Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Color Schemes


This would be an example of a monochromatic color scheme. it is made up of one color. I chose blue because you can make a lot of different hues of blue. The effect that any monochromatic color scheme is a calming effect on the space. I thought sense blue was calming color that is would fit the monochromatic color scheme well. I think it turned out really good and would make a like relaxing living area. 

For my analogous color scheme the colors red, yellow, and orange. I know this is a analogous color scheme because the definition in "a group of similar colors". The effect that a analogous color scheme is it is vibrant and interesting. I pick the colors red, orange, and yellow because they are some of my favorite colors and i feel that they look good next to each other.

This would be an example of a split complementary color scheme. It has red, purple, and yellow-green. I like this color scheme and the colors together make a less intense and energized room. I picked these colors because i knew there is a lot of yellow-green decor.

I made a room that is a triad color scheme. You know that it is because the colors that make it up are blue, yellow, and red. Those colors are equally spaced from each other on the color wheel, which makes it a triad color scheme. The effect it has on a room is It makes a room more vibrant.  I thought by putting the primary colors together it is more simple, but by adding patterns it makes it more interesting.

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