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Housing Styles Accessories

roofing styles 

HIPPED ROOF: A roof with slopes on all 4 sides.

GABLE ROOF: a triangular section of a wall fromed by the end of a pointed roof.

GAMBREL ROOF: a roof with two slopes on each side, the lower slope having a steeper pitch. often found in colonial revival houses and dutch style.

SALTBOX ROOF:a building with a long, pitched roof that slopes down to the back,

MANSARD ROOF:a roof that has four sloping sides, each of which becomes steeper halfway down.
Housing Characteristics
BAYWINDOW: a set of 2 or more windows that protrude out from the wall.

CASEMENT WINDOW: a window that opens by swinging inward or outward, like a door
CLAPBOARD: also known as siding, long narrow boards overlapped to cover outer walls.
DORMER: the setting for a veritcal window in the roof, often found up stairs.
EAVES:the portion of the roof the projects beyond the
FANLIGHT: a semi-circular or arched window above a door
PEDIMENT: a triangular crown used over doors, windows,or porches.
RAFTERS: a roof beam sloping from the ridge of the wall 
SIDELIGHTS: widows and either side of a door
TURRET: a small tower often on the corner of a building. common in queen anne style. 


PORTICO:large porch usually with a pediment roof supported by classical columns

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